Does the Ad Copy for Your Book Address the 4 R’s?

‘There are only four basic human motivations – what I call the 4 R’s.  They are: Reincarnation; Recognition; Romance; Reward.’

– Joe Karbo, from ‘The Lazy Man’s Way to Riche$’

When you’re writing sales copy to sell your book for the web or for any off-line advertising your ability to sell is influenced in a major way by whether your copy hits on any of these four motivators.

Joe Karbo, in his classic book ‘The Lazy Man’s Way to Riche$’, defines the four motivations this way.

Reincarnation – All of us hope for Immortality or Life after Death…and a few of us really believe in it.  Most of us hedge our bets by creating works, or children, or monuments that will survive our physical being, so that at least some part of us will live ‘forever.’

Recognition – We want the respect and admiration of others. Even if we have to inspire these reactions through fear.

Romance – Sex is the driving force, but even after the fires have been banked, most human beings have a continuing need for comfort, companionship, and tenderness.

Reward – This can take many forms; a nameplate on the door of an office; an office with a view instead of four blank walls; the services of a private secretary.  But the most common, and most eagerly sought after, reward is Money.  In this country at least, it’s the coat-of-arms of the Aristocracy…The irrefutable answer to the question, ‘If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?’

So, how does your copy provide your desired customer with fulfillment of any of these four R’s?  If you don’t do any of these four well, then you do not sell.