Sick and Tired of Lugging Books To Your Speaking Gigs?

If you’re a speaker and you either sell or give away your book(s) at your speaking engagements then Ship Your Books can take a big hassle off your plate. Just let us know a couple of weeks in advance of an event the following and we’ll have your books waiting there for you. You'll just need to let us know:

How Many?



John Assaraf - NY Times Bestselling Author

“Thank you for the phenomenal service you’ve been giving us and for always going above and beyond the normal call of duty.”

John Assaraf

That’s it! We’ll box up the requested quantity and ship them to arrive no more than 2 to 3 days before your event is scheduled to begin. This will minimize any possible storage charges at the event site. Just be sure to let us know at least a couple weeks in advance so we can ship your books via ground service to help you avoid any rush shipping charges. Just send your request to

You pay just $4.50 per box shipped plus the shipping charge. We will ship books via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, whichever is least expensive, and provide you with the shipment tracking number(s).

If you need return labels included for any books remaining after your event just let us know. We can print them up and include them with the original shipment. You’ll only be charged for them if they are actually used to return books to us.

If you have any inserts or ancillary materials you need included with your books just let us know. These are items you can provide or we can print for you and have them on hand for inclusion, as needed, with your outgoing shipments.

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