Rave Reviews

Alex Mandossian - Creator of Virtual Book Tours

"Absolutely the Most Reliable"

"Hi, this is Alex Mandossian and I've been using fulfillment shops since 1989, starting with the infomercial business, through direct mail, and then space advertisements selling hard products and now on the Internet selling clicks and bricks products both off-line and on-line and I want you to know that the Achilles' heel of most companies is fulfillment.

It's the last touch before the client or customer gets the product and you have to have a very reliable source and I'm here to tell you that although they're not the least expensive they are absolutely the most reliable and that is Ship Your Books.

If you've even thought about changing fulfillment houses or if you're looking to price fulfillment houses look at reliability and pricing as a combination and give them a try. I vouch for them wholeheartedly. I've known them for over twnety years and they've never let me down.

Alex Mandossian

"Would Definitely Recommend"

“What I like about Ship Your Books is how they really understand the business of Internet marketing. They not only understand product creation, duplication, replication and all those types of things, but they also understand the fulfillment end of it, and the customer service, and the relationship with you – the vendor.

The products produced are absolutely top-notch, mind- blowing. Our customers are so happy at how perfect everything comes. So, if you are looking to create physical products…whether you are creating 1 or 1 million, I would definitely recommend using Ship Your Books.”

Mike Filsaime

John Assaraf - NY Times Bestselling Author

"Phenomenal Service"

“Thank you for the phenomenal service you’ve been giving us and for always going above and beyond the normal call of duty.”

John Assaraf

"Treasured Partner for More Than a Decade"

"When impact is the goal, we can't afford to waste time or money. That's why I depend on the team at Ship Your books to creatively, collaboratively, and carefully produce, print, package and ship my video and audio products, seminar materials, brochures and bestselling books.

Bret and his team have been my company's treasured partner for more than a decade. I've invited him countless times to share his wisdom at my virtual and live events where clients raved about his genuine kindness and expertise. I've referred his company to authors, speakers and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide with total confidence that he will alwys make sure they're well served.

The simple truth is I don't trust my products in the hands of anyone else. Because when it comes to impact, we can't afford to settle for anything less than the Ship Your Books team."

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, President & CEO
Professional Impact, Inc. and Impact Resources, Inc.


"Best Fulfillment Company I've Ever Worked With"

“Absolutely the best fulfillment company I’ve ever worked with. They get the job done. My customers are happy… and that means I’m happy.”

Greg Poulos

"Quick to Respond"

"I've known and worked with the team over at Ship Your Books for nearly 20 years now and they've never let me down. They're quick to respond when I have questions and I know that my customers are being taken care of"

Rick Frishman
Rick Frishman - Founder, Author 101 University

"Wonderful Service"

"I have been extremely happy with the level of service, the level of production, and with the overall quality of everything that they do. So, if you need help producing your products or getting your products out into the marketplace and getting them distributed so you can concentrate on your marketing, I would highly encourage you to give Ship Your Books a try because they will give you wonderful service and will take excellent care of you."

Jim Edwards

"Completely Satisfied All This Time"

"I have been using Ship Your Books for 15 years to do fulfillment for my books, audio CD albums, DVDs, and merchandise. I have been completely satisfied all this time, and anticipate using Ship Your Books for as long as I sell and ship these products."

Bob Bly

Bob Bly - Author, Sell More Books
David Hancock - Founder, Morgan James Publishing

"Highly Recommend Any Author Work With Them"                                 

"It's been such a pleasure to partner with the folks at Ship Your Books. For nearly 20 years they've been handling the galley copies for all our authors and the fulfillment of book orders for many of them. They are a Performance-driven organization and I'd highly recommend any author work with them."

David Hancock
Founder, Morgan James Publishing

"Made My Life a Lot Easier"

"As someone who has been selling products online since 2006, I figured that customer service issues were just part of the game. Defective DVD’s, delayed shipping and handling, you name it, and I’ve dealt with it.

When I met the team at Ship Your Books I was immediately skeptical because my previous fulfillment company had left a lot to be desired. However, two months in and I can tell you this much – I haven’t had one return for a faulty product, everything ships the next day, and our customer support issues have been cut by 50-75%.

The staff at Ship Your Books have made my life a lot easier and my business more professional. I can’t thank them enough for their services."

Mike Robertson


"There When You Need Them"

“Why look any further when you’re dealing with a partner you can trust and will be there when you need them.”

Norm Bour

"Wonderful to Work With"

"I’m Chris Howard from Morgan James Publishing. Ship Your Books has been wonderful to work with. They’ve come through when we were in a crunch on more then one occasion.  We’ve been thrilled with both the printing and fulfillment side of the process and would highly recommend that anyone interested in putting out a high quality information product talk to the team at Ship Your Books."

Chris Howard


"You've Found the Best"

"I would definitely recommend using Ship Your Books. They have handled two of my launches where we did over $1 million in sales in under 7 days. We did 2500 units of 16 DVDs that had to be done just within 7 days and they did it flawlessly. The products produced are just absolutely top-notch, mind-blowing—all of our customers are so happy with how perfect everything comes.

They know the shipping business, and more importantly, when I need to talk to somebody in the company I can get through to somebody on the phone. So, if you are shopping around for a fulfillment company you’ve found the best."

Mike Filsaime on “Product Launches”

"Quality, Packaging - Everything's There"

“There’s been nobody who has been more consistent and dependable. They’ve very particular about presentation of the product and making sure it’s there on time. Quality, packaging – everything’s there. If you are looking for the same for your company you need Ship Your Books.”

Martin Wales


"Best Fulfillment Service I Have Ever Used"

“Ship Your Books is, without a doubt, the best fulfillment service I have ever used.  It’s not just about fulfilling an order, it’s about working with you to get the job done. Ship Your Books has gone beyond what could reasonably be expected of them and over  delivered every time.  They have never missed a deadline and are always willing to do what it takes to help.  On more than one occasion they have gone out of their way to solve unique fulfillment requests from me.

Basically, they have never let me down and I think of them as part of my team.  I highly recommend them.”

Mark McRae

"You Will Truly Enjoy Your Relationship With Them"

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ship Your Books for several years. They are always extremely helpful, very quick to respond, and have done a great job preparing and shipping my products. You will truly enjoy your relationship with them.”

Dr. Jeanette Cates

Dr. Andrew Jones New

"One of the Most Trustworthy Companies on the Internet"

“Ship Your Books has been critical to the success of my Internet business. They gave me specific suggestions on increasing the value of my product. They are one of the most trustworthy companies on the Internet.”

Dr. Andrew Jones

"Everything is Just So Fast'

“I’m really just blown away, everything is just so fast. Ship Your Books is just amazing, work with them.”

Wendy Robbins

Doug Flatt - Founder, PR by the Book

"Wish We Would Have Found Ship Your Books Years Ago"

"We at PR by the Book have recently partnered with Ship Your Books to handle book mailing for our clients. We are thrilled with the organization, attention to detail, and high level of service Ship Your Books has provided for both us and our clients.  I wish we would have found Ship Your Books years ago!"

Doug Flatt
PR by the Book

"Have Had My Back for Years"

"The team at Ship Your Books have had my back for years. With their quick response, integrated technology, and excellent customer service, I have always confidently brought my ideas to life and distribution through Ship Your Books. If you have a product you need a distribution service  to store, pack and ship your books and products for you, look no further than Ship Your Books, the company I trust!"

Jennifer WIlkov


"Honest, Friendly and Efficient Bunch"

"Ship Your Books and I go back a long time. In fact since the early millennium Bret and his team have helped me create a multiple-income online business that has allowed me and my family to enjoy almost undreamed of prosperity. I couldn't have done it without them. They are an honest, friendly and efficient bunch and always willing to help. They are great guys!

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

"Best Partner Since the Start"

"There came a point where we needed help to ship our books to our customers around the world. We're so happy that we found Ship Your Books as they have been the best partner since the start. From helping us get books printed, housing our books, shipping, as well as being there for customer support issues we're thankful for the Ship Your Books team."                                                                                                                                             
Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo
Founders, ONE Extraordinary Marriage

"10/10 Quality Across the Board!"

"I just got the two demos and they look incredible - 10/10 quality across the board. It makes me happy and proud to ship to my customers. Thank you for the amazing customer service and everything else!"

Brad Schipke

"Highly Recommend"

"We highly recommend Ship Your Books not just because they do good by us but also because they're really good people."

Judith and Jim


"Guys That You Can Trust"

"There is no better source for the fulfillment of your products. These are the guys that you can trust and know they will get the job done right."

Mike Stewart

"Reliable, Great Value"

I've been using Ship Your Books and I can say they are reliable, a great value, friendly and they've improved our fulfillment performance many times over. I'm very grateful to be working with such great folks."

Guy Cohen


"I Don't Have to Worry About It"

This is Christina Hills of the Website Creation Workshop and I want to tell you how happy I am with Ship Your Books. We used to ship out our own products – going to the post office every day, having to remember to do that but now with Ship Your Books. I don’t have to worry about it.

My orders come in and they get notification and they ship out my product. It’s great, I can be on vacation, I can be wherever and I can know that Ship Your Books will get my product out the door and in the hands of my customers. And not only do they fulfill my products, but they produce them. They do an excellent job, top quality. Totally polished. I highly, highly recommend you give them a call.

Christina Hills