Networks are powerful! Whether you are a solo act or a large business, networks allow you to extend your reach many times over. We recognize this and work hard to integrate Ship Your Books with other systems. Synergies make everyone more productive at what they do and integration with other systems provides a seamless experience for your customers. Ship Your Books currently has integrations with:

Click Funnels

Russell Brunson’s powerful lead funnels generating software fully integrates with both Ship Your Books and our print-on-demand service called Disc Delivered. So you can add a mailed book or other physical component to the steps of your funnels.


Infusionsoft is a high-end customer relationship manager with a shopping cart. We have developed a Widget for your Dashboard via their API that allows all your orders to be sent to Ship Your Books. With the widget you can see from inside Infusionsoft that all orders have been sent to SYB.


Sell your books via your Shopify store and have the orders automatically sent to Ship Your Books via our seamless Shopify integration.


ClickBank is traditionally thought to be only for digital products. However, if you work with a company that they trust you can deliver physical products also. Ship Your Books is a company that you can work with to do this – you will have to get approval from ClickBank to offer books or other physical products, but once you do you can integrate multiple ClickBank accounts with the same SYB account. Ship Your Books will also send tracking information back into ClickBank.


1ShoppingCart is another shopping cart and email delivery system used by Internet marketers. SYB has integrated via 1ShoppingCart’s API so we can grab your orders each day to ship.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Services – Seller Central is becoming a great place to sell your products. People who search here are not looking for free things they are looking to buy. SYB can export your orders from your Amazon account and import back in the tracking information so that you stay in great standing with Amazon and your end clients

Amazon Seller Central

Ultracart is a full featured cart that works whether your selling one product or one million. No matter your level of experience, access to their full feature set means UltraCart will grow with your business.

XML Integration

Ship Your Books has created an XML integration which will allow you to post your orders to SYB from any software program that you can use with XML.