Working with Ship Your Books

Ship Your Books provides order fulfillment services for authors, speakers, information marketers, ecommerce stores and more. Outsourcing your order fulfillment to Ship Your Books frees you up to focus your time on more important activities like sales, marketing and writing your next bestseller.

You didn't become an author to run a fulfillment house. So, if you're spending your valuable time picking product and packing boxes and fighting traffic to try to get to the post office before they close then maybe it's time to oursource your book order fulfillment.

Here’s What You Receive and the Steps to Getting Started With Ship Your Books

     Step #1 - The first step is to signup online via the Signup link You’ll pay an initial $149 account setup fee.

     Step #2 - Let us know whether you want to be a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 client of ours.

     Step #3 - Put an integration in place between your ecommerce system and our backend system.

     Step #4 - Ship us books or have us get them printed for you.

Difference Between the Tiers



Storage Space Included

Integration Methods Included

Orders Received by Noon EST Ship Same Business Day

Access to Backend System to Check Inventory

Access to Backend System to Look Up Tracking Info

Automatic Notification of Low Stock Levels

Automatic Notification of Product Returns

Customizable Shipping Notification Emails

Customizable Ship From Addresses

Ability to Self-Generate Reports

Ability to Manually Enter, Edit or Cancel Unshipped Orders

Unlimited Number of Users on Your Acccount

Tier 1


3 cubic feet












Tier 2


9 cubic feet












Our Goal is to Make the Process Entirely Hands-off for You

We integrate with many popular ecommerce platforms. Just check out the Integrations page under the Getting Started menu to see all the current integrations.

Once we’ve received inventory of your book(s) and an integration is in place we can immediately begin fulfilling your orders. Orders received by Noon EST ship out the same business day. When an order ships out the door on your behalf you’ll pay a fulfillment fee plus the shipping costs.

Currently, the fulfillment fee is:

$2.50 for single book orders
$3.50 for orders of from 2-5 books
$4.50 per box shipped for orders of 6 or more books

Shipping costs will depend on what shipping method is utilized. We can ship via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Most people ship books via the media mail service of the post office because it is the least costly option. At the time of writing this the rate was $3.20 for books weighing up to a pound and about an additional 52 cents for each additional pound.

Storage Space

Up to 3 cubic feet of storage space for your inventory is included with Tier 1 accounts and up to 9 cubic feet is included with Tier 2 accounts. Additional inventory storage is $15 per pallet per month and a typical pallet will hold around 1500 books.

That’s the basic lay of the land. Are you ready to get that fulfillment hassle off of your plate and into the hands of the pros?

Here are 15 fabulous reasons to choose Ship Your Books:

     #1 No monthly minimums

     #2 Easy-to-understand pricing

     #3 Packaging materials included in fulfillment price

     #4 We’re authors ourselves, so we know where you’re coming from

     #5 Tier 2 clients have 24/7 access to our system to look up tracking info

     #6 Tier 2 clients have 24/7 access to our backend system to check inventory levels

     #7 Automatic emails to customers notifying them of their order shipment

     #8 After initial integration setup process is entirely hands-off for you

     #9 Include up to 2 pieces of literature in shipments for no extra charge

     #10 No charge for initial receipt of inventory

     #11 Can handle both your direct to customer as well as shipments to Amazon

     #12 Integrations already developed for several major platforms

     #13 We’ll accept your book returns and restock them if they're still like new

     #14 Store as few or as many of your books in our warehouse as you want

     #15 Orders received by noon EST are shipped same business day

Ready to get started? Just click on the Signup link below to join the Ship Your Books family!