Autoresponders are More than a Sales Tool

When you hear the word “autoresponder” what comes to your mind? For most, information marketers they’ll say something like “A prewritten set of email messages that you send out to someone after they’ve opted in to your list that are designed to get them to buy your product.” And that would be a great definition, as autoresponders are certainly a valuable tool to help you in your sales process.

What most people overlook, however, is the valuable role that autoresponders can play in your post-sales process. Well-crafted messages that are designed to help your customers to consume your book or product or service more quickly and easily is a fantastic use of an autoresponder.

Why? Because if you can’t even get them to consume your product, whether it’s read your book or listen to your CD or watch your DVD then the chances of them coming back to you to buy additional products and/or services from you drops immensely.

So use those autoresponder messages to drive them back into the product. Remind them regularly the value they’ll receive from completing your materials and get them fired up about the next phase in the process.

Consumption autoresponders are a great way to keep your customers feeling good about their investment in your product. Don’t hesitate to surprise them with an unannounced bonus also that makes them feel even better about their relationship with you.

You absolutely want to utilize autoresponders as part of your sales process. But don’t overlook the value that can bring to your business in an after the sale mode also.