Why Ship Your Books?

Here are 15 fabulous reasons to choose Ship Your Books:

#1 No monthly minimums
#2 Easy-to-understand pricing
#3 Packaging materials included in fulfillment price
#4 We’re authors ourselves, so we know where you’re coming from
#5 You have 24/7 access to our backend system to look up tracking information *
#6 You have 24/7 access to our backend system to check inventory levels *
#7 Automatic emails to your customers notifying them of the shipment of their order *
#8 After initial integration setup process is entirely hands-off for you
#9 Include up to 2 additional pieces of literature in outgoing shipments for no additional charge
#10 No charge for initial receipt of inventory
#11 Can handle both your direct to customer as well as shipments to Amazon Advantage
#12 Integrations already developed for several major platforms
#13 We’ll accept your book returns and any books returned in good condition restocked in inventory
#14 Store as few or as many of your books in our warehouse as you want
#15 Orders received by noon EST are shipped same business day

* With Tier 2 Access Only